Order Policies

Making a Purchase
All software can be licensed online. Alternatively, you may place an order by contacting support [at] statisticalinnovations [dot] com. Our office hours are 8:30AM – 5:00PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

In most cases, within 1 business day of receiving your order, you will receive an email with your invoice along with a link to download the program so that you may begin using it right away.

Tax Charges
For all software purchases made by customers within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a 5% sales tax will be applied. If your organization is tax exempt in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, please let us know and provide the necessary documentation to prove your tax exemption.

Refund Policy
All sales are final for all products and services unless otherwise noted.

License Agreements
Each software license specifies the terms and conditions for usage by a single user. Our software can be installed on up to 3 computers so long as it is used by the licensed user only. Even if the software is installed on a single computer, use by more than one individual is a violation of the license agreement. We offer discounts for additional users.

Latent GOLD® License Agreement
CORExpress® License Agreement
SI-CHAID® License Agreement
GOLDMineR® License Agreement

  • A Commercial license is required for individual users or users who work for commericial or government organizations.
  • An Academic license can be purchased by users associated with a University or College.
  • Full-time masters or PhD students can purchase an annual Student license for Latent GOLD® (Please provide proof of your full-time student status).
  • Classroom licenses are annual lab copies of Latent GOLD® (This type of license requires at least one Academic license).

Transferring a license
For instances when a licensed user leaves an organization, his/her license may be transferred to another user at the same organization. To complete this license transfer, we must have written confirmation that the original licensed user agrees to stop using the software completely and agrees to transfer the license to a specific person at the organization.

Renewing Software licenses
Software licensed on an annual basis must be renewed each year on or before its expiration date in order to continue using it. If the license is renewed after its expiration date, the renewed annual license will still expire one year from the date that the previous license expired — not one year from the date that the license was renewed. Software that is licensed on a perpetual basis does not expire.

Latent GOLD®: Annual or Perpetual
CORExpress®: Annual
XLSTAT: Annual or Perpetual
SI-CHAID®: Perpetual
GOLDMineR®: Perpetual

Upgrades on all programs are offered periodically.

Software Support
General questions regarding the basic functionality of the product will be provided free of charge to all licensed users via email correspondence only (support [at] statisticalinnovations [dot] com). Support will not be provided until we can confirm that you are a licensed user. Please have your invoice number and registration codes available when you contact us regarding support.

Privacy Statement
Statistical Innovations Inc. does not disclose its customer information to third parties. Any information collected about customers is used for billing, verification and product mailing purposes only. Customer information in our databases may be used to verify registered users in order to provide free technical support. Occasionally, SI will mail and email offers regarding our products and services. If you wish to be removed from these mailings, please email to support [at] statisticalinnovations [dot] com.

For a more detailed statement of our privacy policy please see:
Privacy Policy

Copyright and Trademarks
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