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Statistical Innovations specializes in innovative applications of statistical modeling, especially latent class, discrete choice and other latent variable models to obtain meaningful segments. As developers of Latent GOLD®, CORExpress®, SI-CHAID®, and GOLDMineR®, we provide consulting, online and onsite courses, and license our popular software packages.

Latent GOLD 6.0 now available!

Our first major release in 8 years, Version 6.0 is packed with important new features including:

  • Interactive automated LC Tree Modeling
  • Step-three models with adjustments for Differential Item Functioning (DIF)
  • Bakk-Kuha Two-Step Modeling
  • Differential variable weighting
  • Vuong and Lo-Mendell-Rubin likelihood-ratio tests
  • Marginal effects output
  • Anchored Best-worst models
  • User-defined Wald tests
  • and much more!




Introduction to
Latent Class Modeling

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Regression Modeling with Many Correlated Predictors
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Latent Class Discrete Choice Modeling with Scale Factors
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