LatentGOLD® 6.0 - New Users

Please select Commercial, Academic, Student, or Classroom to obtain the appropriate Latent GOLD® license.

A Commercial license is required for individual users or users who work for commericial or government organizations.
An Academic license can be purchased by users associated with a University or College.
Full-time masters or PhD students can purchase an annual Student license (Please provide proof of your full-time student status).
Classroom licenses are annual lab copies of Latent GOLD® (This type of license requires at least one Academic license).

To get a bundle discount when purchasing Latent GOLD® together with SI-CHAID®, please select the LG + SI-CHAID® bundle.

System Requirements:
Microsoft XP/Vista, Windows 7/8, and Windows 10.

128MB Drive Space, 512MB of RAM.

Input files: SPSS system files, delimited text files.

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