Upgrade to Latent GOLD® 5.1

The latest release of Latent GOLD® is version 5.1 which contains options to add LG Choice and/or Advanced/Syntax. By default, Latent GOLD® 5.1 is a 64-bit program. A 32-bit version is available on request. You can upgrade from earlier versions to any of 4 program options:

  • Latent GOLD® 5.1 Basic
  • Latent GOLD® 5.1 Basic + Adv/Syntax
  • Latent GOLD® 5.1 Basic + Choice
  • Latent GOLD® 5.1 Basic + Choice + Adv/Syntax

Latent GOLD upgrades can be licensed on either an annual or perpetual basis.

Note that the features of version 5.1 differ from earlier versions in the following ways:

  • A 64-bit version of the program is available
  • Some additional features are included, such as post-hoc tests, that have yet to be announced (we are currently writing the documentation)

Compared to Latent GOLD version 4.5 and earlier releases, version 5.1 contains major speed improvements and other advanced capabilities – see the Latent GOLD 5.0 Upgrade Manual, and LG Choice 5.0 Upgrade Manual, and the Latent GOLD 5.1 Upgrade Manual for full details.

The license structure of version 5.1 also differs from earlier versions in several ways:

  • The Latent GOLD Basic program can be licensed by both Academic and non-Academic/ Commercial users (previously, this option was only available to Commercial users)
  • LG Choice is an optional add-on to Latent GOLD Basic (previously, LG Choice was a stand-alone program that could be licensed with or without Latent GOLD)
  • The Advanced and Syntax Modules are merged into an optional add-on to Latent GOLD Basic (previously, Advanced and Syntax were separate Modules and the Syntax Module required the Advanced Module)
  • Latent GOLD 5.1 is licensed on either a perpetual or annual basis (previously, Latent GOLD and the Advanced and Syntax Modules were licensed on a perpetual basis, and LG Choice was licensed on an annual basis). Thus, annual Latent GOLD and perpetual LG Choice licenses are now available so long as the full program is licensed according to the same term (annual or perpetual)
  • Student licenses are now available for full time masters and PhD students
  • Users with an Academic license can now purchase annual Classroom copies of Latent GOLD for educational purposes

If you have an earlier version of Latent GOLD, the price to upgrade to a perpetual Latent GOLD 5.1 license  is:

Non-Academic:   Commercial, Government, etc. Academic
LG 5.1 Basic LG 5.1 Basic + Adv/Syntax LG 5.1 Basic LG 5.1 Basic + Adv/Syntax
Latent GOLD Basic 5.0 $200
Latent GOLD 5.0 Basic + Advanced $0 $400 $0 $200
Latent GOLD 5.0 Basic + Advanced + Syntax $0 $0
Latent GOLD Basic 4.5 $500
Latent GOLD 4.5 Basic + Advanced $300 $700 $150 $350
Latent GOLD 4.5 Basic + Advanced + Syntax $300 $150
Latent GOLD Basic 4.0 $800
Latent GOLD 4.0 Basic + Advanced $600 $1000 $300 $500

If you have a LG Choice 5.0 license, your expiration date will be extended accordingly if you choose the annual option for your LG 5.1 license.

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