Getting started

We offer consulting options at every stage of your research project (from the design through the data analysis to the interpretation and write-up of the results).  It depends on your needs as to which stage(s) and to what extent we will be involved (from doing the full research project to only co-pilot or play an advisory role). All consults involve contact via email and/or conference calls in which we can share computer screens.

Projects involving cross-sectional data (cluster, factor, regression, etc.) or longitudinal data (latent growth, latent transition), often fall into one of three categories:

1) Segmentation analysis on marketing research/ survey data (latent class clustering, discrete choice, etc).

2) Analysis of biomedical data (diagnostic, or peredictive models involving gene expression, survival and/or clinical data).

3) Review and advise clients regarding applications of our software.

For our custom modeling we use outside-the-brackets thinking to make sure that the resulting model accounts for all relevant factors.

To inquire further about whether our consulting is right for you, please email support [at] statisticalinnovations [dot] com